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SWtgd School 


r~~w f~~~f i -=¥ *-M 

Methucn Hiah $ch 

1 kZ^ 


lethuen, MA 




+/on*e o£ -ft*e 



| soutn 1 

« «B i^^^L 1 




Mfcbae! A^on 


Anthony Atoukbatil 

"It's times like these when task 

"Don't follow where the path 

myself, 'What would Peter Griffin 

may lead. Go, instead where 

do?" 1 


there is no path and leave a 

Band, Ultimate Frisbee, Senior 

f trail." 

Class Play, Philosophy Club 

Rudteney flibrza 


Josnrry A c ©tfa 



Key Club 

k I 

Joshua A^s^S 

,«0' 1 

Josephine Ayeku 


■^ "s&^M 


"You're just a racing stripe in 


the underpants of Justice" 


J Art Honor Society, Adopt-A- 

Adopt a Grandparent, Winter & 

Grandparent, Key Club, Varsity 

Spring Track, Ultimate Frisbee 


Track& Field, French Honor 

Karija AJanef 


Graham A^^yd 


'^^ T 

"Dance like nobody's watching, 

If 7 

work like you don't need the 

^ w 

money, love like you've never 

11 I 

1 I 

been hurt." 


f 1 

Fadia Ak$mar 

Jojederly Ateta^ 


'You can pay for school, but you 
can't buy class" 

Chess Club, Winter Track, 

Felix A^fons© 

"Music is a portal to harmony" 
Guitar Club, Key Club, Chess 

Club, Independent Theater Club, 

Drama Club, Indoor/Outdoor 

Track, Cross Country 

Mfcb«1te Afe 

Alexandra Atefator 

"The tuture belongs to those 
who believe in the beauty ot their 
dreams." -Eleanor Roosevelt 
Key Club, Multicultural Club, 
Books & Bagels, Track, Cross 

Madijo^ A^a 

"l\lo one person can do everything, 
but everyone can do something." 
Varsity Soccer Captain, National 
Honor Society President, Senior 
Class Vice President, Key Club, 
Best Buddies 

Jajtin A1kn 

Antonya A1kyH« 

Nfcote A^ade 

Ricardo A^val© 

"Carpe Diem" 

Best Buddies, Independent Drama, 
Peer Leaders, Multicultural Club 

Amanda fir matrons 

"Either you define the moment or 
the moment defines you." 

Varsity Volleyball 

k(erwin A^arade 

"Serve God everyday" 

Justin Atfoon 

Liz Zodiac Sign 

"Living life my way" 
JROTC, Figure Skating 

C©r«y Ar matrons 
"That's what she said." 

A*w Awaufc 

Football, Winter/Spring Track 

Ak* Ars«»ttlt 

Da^ Arse^aalt 

Measba^ Arss^Jatt* 

"Live forever, for the moment" 

Varsity Captain Swim and Dive 

Team, Lauren M. Liccardi 

Scholarship Committee 

Myma Ash 

Qaire Ata 

Victoria ASPeN 

Vickiey, Pretzel, Vick,Vicka, 

Viekkkk, Vickie 

"Hold me baby, I'm a fermata" 

Science Club, Pit Band, 

Marching/Symphonic Band, 

Chamber Choir 

Adam Avsdijian 

"In the end it's not about your 

wins or losses; it's about the 

memories that will last a 


Football, Winter/Spring Track 

Nicok A wad 

Varsity Field Hockey, Peer 

Leaders, Key Club, National Art 

Honor Society 

Matthew fjaddoar 

"Right on" 

Senior Class Treasurer, Ultimate 

Frisbee, Philosophy Club, Key 

Club, Adopt A Grandparent 

Brttta^y A*i* 

"Live laugh love" 
Varsity Heading 

Brian Baez 

Ate* B^^etta 

Aw* Bajor 

"Wherever you go, go with your 


Varsity Cross Country Captain, 

Varsity Indoor Track Captain, 

Varsity Outdoor Track, Key Club 

Jillian Baillar^on 

"Success doesn't come to you; you 
go to it" 

Varsity Cross Country Captain, 

Varsity Indoor/Outdoor Track 

Captain, National Art Honor 

Society, Senior Olympics 

Eric Bajor 

Varsity Soccer, Varsity Baseball 

Branded Baker 

Neil Baker 

Eric Baker 

Brandon 3 s Wajjari 

Haitlyn Barrett 
Kati r Katibee 

Adopt A Grandparent 

^aylefeh Baachwan 
KayB, KayBauch 

"Everything happens for a reason 

and in the end, everything's okay" 

Varsity Volleyball 

Talan Ba^on 

'Imperfection is beauty, madness 

is genius, and it's better to be 

absolutely ridiculous than 

absolutely boring." 

Varsity Softball 

^rica Beaudein 

Senior Prom Committee, Senior 

Ravine FJecbara 

Brians JJesin 

Kevin 3«lafls©r 

Philip Qelfif^o 

Andrea Bergeron 

Sar ra Bergeron 

'Live the life you love, love the 

life you live" 

Varsity Softball 

Taylor Bergeron 

"My best girlfriends <3" 

Varsity Volleyball Captain, 
Varsity Gymnastics 

Rebecca Bernard 

Brittany 3to©n 

D^yana JJfanchet 

Love the life you live, live the 
life you love." -Bob Marley 

Best Buddies, GGP Intern, 
Rangerland Preschool 

"We must not go to where the 

path is, instead we must go 

k where there is not a path and 

f leave a trail." 

National Art Honor Society, Band 

Key Club 

WmUrty 31am 

Jonathan 3©rden 

A^^andra Boucher 


'It's not faith il you use your eyes' 

Tanya Qeura$a 

Wffliam Beurafta 

Christopher Brfckman 

Hillary Butts 

"Time you enjoy wasting was not 

wasted." -John Lennon 
Chiet Editor ot the Yearbook, 

Band, Senior Class Play, Musical, 
National Honor Society 

Jaime Byron 

Sean Cai^S 

Marie Campbell 

"I have never let my schooling 

intertere with my education." 

-Mark Twain 

DiHon Callahan 

A^bey Carbonneau 

Varsity Swimmings Diving, 

Varsity Softball, Lauren M. 

Liccardi Scholarship Committee 

Shane Carle 

Conor Carney 

Joje Carrion 
Joey, Cheito 

'Approach every task as though 

it were the moment that will 

define you." 


"I love being AWESOME!" 
Concert Choir, SSA Choir, ITC 

Paul Canard 

'Luck is where preparation meets 

Sean Ck"cy 

Brian Qaney 
Clancy, B-Clance, Glance man 

"Dreams are extremely 

important. You can't do it unless 

you imagine it." -George Lucas 

Marching Band Drum Major, 

Concert Band, Cross Country, 

Winter/Spring Track, Jazz Band 

Veronica Owy 

Margaret C©nton 

"Friends are angets following you 

through life." 
Varsity Swimming Captain, Lauren 
M. Liccardi Scholarship Committee 

Cryjtyna Qxmey 


Peter Qopteiyl 


Kate C©$5fove 


Varsity Tennis, French Honor 
Society, Band 

Kay la C©S*a 

^ F^ 

Andrew CeuroKi 

Amanda Qrane 

N^a ^adduce! 

Do something that scares you 

T*4**4 »| 


I J 

Gymnastics, Rangerland 

" M 

Preschool, Musical 


Cheljea Danaby 

^ k 

Cafttin Davis 

Chels a 


"Lite is not a problem to be 


solved, but a reality to be 


experienced." { 

■ 4i 

Timothy Dzttpz 


"Success is not final, failure is not 
fatal, it is the courage to continue 
that counts." -Winston Churchill 

"And I know we were out of time, 

breather the way here with you, 

dream the same on the dew" 

National Art Honor Soociety 

Qizabetb D«msr$ 

Amy DeSim©n« 

Robert Dswbirst 

Kyte D«slaurkrj 
D Lag 

"Never look back, never look 

down and never let go" 

Band, DHI, Volleyball 

Crista QiGtoris 

"When the power of love 

overcomes the love of power, the 

world will know peace." 

Peer Leaders, Key Club, 




"We didn't change as we grew 
older, we just became more clearly 

National Honor Society, National Art 
Honor Society, Key Club, Yearbook 
Senior Editor, Varsity Field Hockey 

Ksvfa D©r$an 

Varsity Soccer, Varsity Volleyball 

Maggie, Magdalen Ruth! 

"In lite, the only thing that you 

can do is take pictures, leave 

nothing but tootprints, remember 

nothing but the good times with 

the friends you love, and kill 

nothing but time." 

Mark Qoa^rthy 

"Nickel. Nickel. Dime. Nickel. 

Dime. Penny. Penny." 
Soccer, Indoor Track, Volleyball 

Krijtsn D©yfe 

Paige D^say 
Twinkle toes, Poodle bum 

"Yeah kid!" 
Field Hockey, Student Council 

Shana Dunkvy 

Briefest Daw 
Bridge, Bridgeeta, Dun Dun, Drie 

"It is better to look ahead and 
prepare than to look back and 


Basketball, Varsity Cross 

Country, Track 

Shawn Eastman 

Vane$a Eddy 

Mary P-Hactem 

A^on Ellis 

Rebecca Efl©S 


Varsity Cheerleading Captain 

Joshua Eskel 
The Eskelator 

"Be civil to all; sociable to many; 
familiar to few; friend to one; 

enemy to none." 
Cross Country 

Elizabeth Fabian© 
Lizzy, Fabz 

'Good things tall apart so better 

things can fall together" 

Key Club 

Nicholas pabrizie 

"I do what I do and I do it well" 
Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball 


Hannah Fairbank 

lay I never lose my youth, and 
f I do, I may be forgettable" -Set 

Your Goals 
Varsity Swimming 

Kadsy Fajctonc 

Danklk Faacen 

Jonathan F«fcht 

Eric pazi© 

Kevin F«tiz 

"Money talks" 

D©n?enfc F«rrar© 

Kathryn F^hsra 

Jeremy Fktfh©us s 

Mark Fijhsr 

Steven Fitzsnw^S 

Jojeph Fofey 

Rachel F©St«f 

Paul Foster 

^\ * 

&rfc Francisc© 

Hakeem Ftotten 


David F^SSS 

William Gag^s 

Sara Fulford 

Sophfe Ga^Ts>n 

"Forget the past; but never forget 

what it taught you" 

MASS DECA, French Honor 

Gregory Gallant 

GabrfeJa Garcia 

"I'd like to see the world at a 

different angle" 


Andrys Garcia 

Maydin Garcia 

Carm Garozz© 

"Love is like the wind, you can't 

see it but you can teel it." 

Ice Skating, Independent Theater 


Mfcbad Giddn^s 

Jamamba Giddi^s 

• y f 

Nathan Gitscbier 

Taylor Gillette 

"Don't cry because it's over, 

smile because it happened" 

Varsity Volleyball Captain, Key 

Club, Student Council 

Julie Gomez 

£dwh Gonzakz 


Matthew Gordon 

Varsity Football, Varsity 
Volleyball, Baseball, Basketball, 
Track, National Honor Society 


Kayta G©s$e1in 

"My best girlfriends <3' 

Volleyball, Gymnastics 

M^bae! Greeley 
Mike, Greels 

"War doesn't determine who's 

right, war determines who's 


Vane$Sa Guefi 


"I like who I am, I like the people 

in my lite. I never want to be any 


National Art Honor Society 

Secretary, National Honor 

Society, Yearbook Stafl 

Affi$©n Haj>r 

Varsity Field Hockey Captain, 

Student Council, Peer Leaders, 

Key Club, National Honor Society, 

Art Honor Society 

£dmat%i Hanwond 

Rebecca Gaselli 

Varsity Volleyball Captain, 

Varsity Softball Captain, National 

Honor Society Treasurer 

M«sban Haley 

Cattlyn Haneffant 

"Dream as if you will live 

forever, live as if you will die 


Softball, Basketball 


Kails Harb 
K-LA, Cherry, KK, Kala, Katya 

"So and so, come down to the 
office, we have some of your 

things... hehhehheh" 

Science Club, 

Marching/Symphonic Band, 

Chamber Choir 

Briawa Heffcrnan 

Musical, Best Buddies President, 
National Honor Society, Adopt-A- 
Grandparent President, Senior 
Class Play, Brama Club, Select 
Choir, SSA Choir, Twilight Week 

Timothy Hfe&m 

Varsity Baseball Captain, Varsity 

Kaiteisb HMian 

"Well behaved women rarely make 


Varsity Field Hockey Captain, Key 

Club, Peer Leaders, National Honor 

Society, Lauren M. Liccardi 

Scholarship Committee 

A^ia Hardy 


Jo$ae Henriquez 

Leah Hinwsr 
Himmer, Niggs 

'Live life in the moment 1 

David H©r$mai7 

"There has never- 1 repeat- 
never been an E in my last 
Guitar Club, Band 


April Howarth 

"Some of the greater things in 

lite are unseen; that's why you 

close your eyes when you kiss, 

cry, or dream" 

Jerma Horky 
Hostess trom New Tokyo 

"A smile is an inexpensive way to 

improve your looks" 

Senior Class Play, Prom 

Committee, Drama Club, Senior 


"Missions are stupid, Tereza. I 

have no mission, No one has. And 

it's a territic relief to realize 

you're free, free of all missions." - 

Milan Kundera 
Band, Ranger Jazz, Yearbook, GSA, 
Drama Club, Mock Trial, Musical 

Zacbary Jordan 

Ufflfe Hua 

Apnl Haynb 

"Biffle, guess what!" 
Key Club, Adopt A Grandparent 

Best Buddies 

Stephanie Jacket 
Stepb, Stephie 

I'd rather regret what I did than 

regret what I didn't do." 
Best Buddies, Books & Bagels 

Mary bctb Kefr! 

M«sban Keller 

"Ming's gonna change my 

Senior Class Play, Colorguard 

JsjSica Kelly 

Jenifer Kelly 

Jalk Khodsr 
Jules, Khoda 

"Most people are stronger than 
they know. They just forget to 

believe it sometimes" 

Peer Leaders, Spanish Honor 


Innam Fish 

'Where there's a will, there's; 

JROTC Drill Team, Rifle Team, 
Science Club, Color Guard 
Commander, Chess Club 

Katbryn Kins 
The Queen 

"You say time changes things but 

you actually have to change it 

yourself." -Andy Warhol 

J©bn Kifey 

"When it is obvious that goals 

cannot be reached, don't adjust 

the goals, adjust the action steps" 


Brittany KWin 

Varsity Cheerleading Captain 


Steven Kupfec 

CHarkj Kurkjian 

Samantba Kurkjian 

Kimberty Uamfeua 


Danielle Uabrecque 

Lite is either a daring adventure 

or nothing" 

Field Hockey, Basketball 

Brooke Uavote 

Cady Uavek 

Matthew Uawjon 



'Dream as if you will live today, 

live as if you will die today" 

Adopt A Grandparent 

Nicole Lebel 

K«vib Lebourdaij 

Courtney U«sr©S 

Amelia Lennon 

Stephanie Lent© 

Stephen Udddl 


Amanda L©c©nte 

Manda Loconte 

"Anyone can be romantic but only 
real lovers can be silly" 

Daniel Uo^shHn 

Ryan U©z©w$ki 

Trick Lucter 

Jaklyn MacDonaW 
Jackie, Chuck E 

"Those who don't learn from 

history are doomed to repeat it" 

Best Buddies, Peer Leaders, 

Books & Bagels, Drama Club, 

Chess Club, Soccer, Track, ITC, 

Senior Class Play 

Nicholas Madden 

Antoni© Marietta 


Mfchad Marietta 

Matthew Maw 



^*^ *^r 

"On the path ot success, there 

"II you ain't cheatin 1 you ain't 


lies many O's. Some see them as 

tryin' " 



obstacles, others see them as 



National Honor Society, Band, 

Jazz Ensemble, Indoor/Outdoor 


Briana Maria 

Jajtin Marfan 

B^BPs^ ^sr 1 

Varsity Football Captain, Varsity 


Indoor/Outdoor Track Captain 

Savannah Marshall 
That girl with the purple hair 

"Let us detine ourselves through 
the words ol others. May we sing 

our own song" 

Marching/Symphonic Band, BHI, 

Jazz Ensemble, Senior Class Play, 

Mock Trial 

Joann Martir 

Stephanie Marts! 

Abfeael Mass«y 
Abbi, Abs 

"Stand up tor what you believe in 

and all that is right" 

Varsity Gymnastics,Bangerland 

Preschool, Pippin 1 , Twilight Week 


Anyjja Matatafl 

Jojhaa Matth«s©n 

Steven McAffi$ter 

Jonathan McA^*«^ 

ir^rid Mekflde* 


"What I wanted was to be far 
away, now I want to be close" 


Corey Michaud 

'Nickel. Nickel. Dime. Nickel. 

Dime. Penny. Penny." 

Soccer, Volleyball 

Craig Mfchaad 


Philip AVcbaad 

Andrea Minahan 

"In west Philadelphia, born and 

raised on the playground, is where 

I spent most ot my days" 

Senior Class Play, Musical 

Hats AV$fer 

'Love you long time 1 

Meti^a Moloney 

'Live your lite, and torget your 

K«vin Milter 
K Mill 

"It's Miller time" 
Football, Indoor Track, Baseball 

Lily Mfch© 

Nicholas Mofinari 

Megan Monroe 

'The only regrets in lite are the 

chances you don't take" 

Varsity Cheerleading 


Jonathan Moors 

John Mojky 


Varsity Soccer Captain, Varsity 

Volleyball, National Honor Society, 

National Art Honor Society 

Matthew Morel 

Football, Senior Olympics 

Bridget Morphy 

"Whatever road you choose, I'm 
right behind you win or lose, 

torever young" 

Senior Class Secretary, Adopt-A- 

Grandparent, National Honor 


"Best Girlfriends!" 

Donald N«wnan 

"You Feeling Butter Beddy" 
Guitar Club 

Daniel htery 

Edward ^fewnan 

"I Just Win" 

Nancy Ns© 
man Nan 

"You better choose your words 

carefully, because I'm not your 

anything. Gonna stay here in my place, 

and you stay in yours, because your 

only good is what you're good for." 

Key Club, Best Buddies, Basketball 

Mtoh Nsayen 

"Buy my video yearbook" 

Key Club, Books & Bagels, Varsity 

Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee 

Jenifer Nguyen 
Jen Wen 

"To make each day count" 

National Art Honor Society 


Phi Nsayen 

Ryan N©onan 

Samamha Norton 

Christina htarcia 

James O'Owor 


Kay, Kayler 

"Dedication takes a lifetime, but 
dreams only last for a night" 

Art Honor Society, Best Buddies 

"Don't regret anything, because at 
one point it was exactly what you 

National Honor Society, Key Club, 
Adopt A Grandparent, Best Buddies 

Measban O'Dowfl 

"Life's a journey- not a 


National Honor Society, Senior 

Class Play, Soccer, Tennis, Key 


Jean Ortega 

Krijtina Ortiz 

"The greatest thing you will ever 
learn is just to love and be loved 

in return" 


Jeryrjfer Pappaj 

"Discovery consists of seeing 
what everyone has seen and 
thinking what no one else has 


Varsity Indoor Track Captain, 

Outdoor Track, Key Club 

Caitlin Pandolpb 

"It is not in the stars to hold our 
destiny, but in ourselves!" - 


National Art Honor Society, 

Varsity Indoor Track Captain, 

Outdoor Track, Books & Bagels 

W%fcay Pars 

Varsity Basketball Captain, 
Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Track, 
National Honor Society, National 

Art Honor Society, Student 


"Who can say if I've been 
changed for the better, but 

because I knew you, I have been 
changed for good" 

Drama Club, Musical, Senior 
Class Play, Colorguard 

Kijban Patel 



C©ifl%>r partjcb 

'I'm the new kid, I have nothing 
to say" 

Neil Patd 

It's not whether you get knocked 

down. It's whether you get up 


National Honor Society, 

Volleyball, Peer Leaders, Blue & 



Pabi Pate! 

'Faith is taking the first step, even 
when you don't see the whole 


National Honor Society, Dream 

Factory, International Club 

Seems Pats! 

National Honor Society 

R©$ni patd 

'When life gives you lemons, 

make lemonade" 

National Honor Society 

Katefcb Patters©^ 
Kay, KK 

"Life is a Highway" 
Best Buddies, Books & Bagels 


Otiv® Peijdersajt 

Jaimes Perreault 

"My best girlfriends: JS. KG. MN. 


Matajha Perez 

Anthony perrons 


lever settle for less, and live 

with no regrets" 


Kiley perrons 

Swimming, Choir, Independent 
Theater Club 

Kefli Pstsrj 

Matthew p&ry 

Patrick Phfllton 

"That's life in the Big City" 
Football, Basketball, Baseball 


Sidney pba 

"I know dis" 

Football, Track 

Nathan P^iak 

"Pressure is nothing more than the 
shadow of great oppotunity" - 

Michael Johnson 

Varsity Cross Country, Varsity 

Indoor/Outdoor Track, Jazz Band, 


Usa Porter 

Brianna pray 

"Whatisabuttertish? 1 

Krtjten Piisiak 

"Challenges are what make lite 

interesting; overcoming them is 

what makes them meaningful" 

Yearbook, Band, Jazz Band, 

National Art Honor Society, 

Figure Skating 

Mela^ie pelade 

An^anda potter 

Ke^zie Qvarford 


Mfcbael Rabme 


tomrar) Rashid 


£ ^ Sarah Regan 

fM^k Sarah, Regs, Regan 

"Expect the worst, and hope for 

the best" 

■ "The only wisdom is in knowing 

Cross Country, Indoor/Outdoor 

ML '^^l you know nothing" 

Track, Key Club, Books & Bagels, * 

01 tfv^ V Tennis, Books & Bagels, Senior 

Spanish Honor Society 

V ^LJKm Class Play 

Enrique Re;t© 

^■^ Matthew Richard^ 

Katrina Rita 

"Never allow someone to be your 

priority, while you allow yourself 

to be their opportunity" 

FVanjhejka Rivera 

"Live one day at a time" 

Isaac Rivera 

'That's not my problem. 
Varsity Baseball 

Nia Rivera 

"Take care of yourself, and 

everything else will fall into 


Best Buddies, Adopt-A- 

Grandparent, Peer Leaders 

Jojsph Rodenbisar 

"Time is like a drag. It kills you 
if you have too much of it." 

ironelij Rodriguez 

"Be yourself everyday" 
Multicultural Club, Yearbook 

Kenia Rivera 

"A foolish man vents in anger, 

but a wise man can control 


Swimming & Giving, Colorguard, 

Chamber Choir 

Nathan R©bfo$©n 

Psa Rodriguez 


"Life is full of obstacles, and 

they are made to make you 


Multicultural Club 

M«rle Self 

"Life isn't about finding yourself, 

life is about creating yourself" - 

Coffee Mug at Gloria Jeans 



Ranyab Sbabin 
French Honor Society 

Jenifer Sbanaban 

"One Love" 

International Club, Foreign 


Thomas Sbanley 

Sberi Silvestro 

'Dream as il you'll live torever, 
live as il you'll die tomrrow" 
Varsity Cheerleading Captain 

Marcel Sir©i$ 

"Lite's a journey, not a 
destination" -Aerosmith 

Jonathan Smaflwoed 

Jacob Smith 

'Whatever doesn't kill you will 

only make you stronger" 

Band, Jazz Band, Guitar Club 

Jajmine Smith 
J Fizzle, Jazzy Fizzle 

"Cake or Death?" 
Art Honor Society, Drama Club 

Theresa Solomon 

Jonathan Sordffl© 


"Regret nothing." 

Yajhwin Spelta 

"Learn trom yesterday, live tor 

today, hope for tomorrow" 

National Honor Society, Soccer, 


Anthony Stempfen 

T^vor Speck 

'I hope life's a joke, because I 
don't get it" 

Mfehad Spra^ae 

"Don't complain about something 

until after you've done it" 

National Honor Society, Cross 

Country, Winter/Spring Track, 

Assistive Technology Design Fair 

Kevin Sushrae 



AV% Sushrue 

Emfly Sullivan 

"Grace glides on blistered leet' 
Key Club President, 
Honor Society 

A^rianna Tsfela^-Damian© 

Soccer, Winter/Spring Track 

pristine Tbeberse 

National Honor Society, Peer 

Stephanie THeafl 

Dominic Thompson 

Daniel Thorsn 

"Success is measured by how 

tar you bounce back when you tall 


Spring/Winter Track 

Mandi Thornton 

Varsity Swimmings Diving 

Captain, Varsity Softball, Key 


Jacquetyn Temee 

Stephanie Traverjo 

"I am a falling star who found her 

place next to another constellation 

where we sparkle in the heavens 

forever" Amy Tran 

GCP Assistant 

Tran Squared 

"Accept no one's definition of you 

life, define yourself" 

National Honor Society, Art 

Honor Society, French Honor 

Society, Adopt A Grandparent, 

Key Club 

Afcia Tre*)b1ay 

Varsity Field Hockey, Key Club, 

Peer Leaders, National Honor 

Society, Art Honor Society 

&rfca JrzrrMsy 

'Life moves pretty fast. If you don't 
stop and look around once in 
awhile, you could miss it." 

Drama Club, Senior Class Play, 
Independent Theater Club 

Delfi Vargas 

Mabel Urena 

'Sometimes letting go is hard, but 

it's better than holding onto 

something that isn't there" 


lieijba Velazquez 


Rai%ia Wafsi 

"Never sacrifice accuracy for 


Band, Jazz Band, DHI, Basketball, 

Pippin 1 , Senior Class Play 

Becca, Walshy, Beccawalsh 

"I'm not going to change the way I 

look or the way I feel to conform to 

anything. I've always been a freak" 

Best Buddies, Brama Club, Key 

Club, Senior Class Play 


Briawa W«H$ 
Bri-Bri, Jaja 

"You say time changes things 

but you actually have to change 

them yourself" 



"Viva forever" 

National Honor Society, Varsity 

x .^ 

Swimming Captain, Student 

Council, Brama Club, Lauren M. 


Liccardi Scholarship Committee 

* \i 

Brett W«sref 

Jade V* wndcr 

"Love the life you live" 

National Honor Society, Student 

Council, Best Buddies 


Stephanie W^ 

Christopher Wolfs 

"School Equals Sleep" 
Hockey, Gol! 

Katie Wo^iak 

Judith Zuhlke 

Scott Yim 

"We can do anything, we can be 

anything, I'll meet you tonight on top 

of the world." -Boys Like Girls 

Senior Class President, Varsity 

Volleyball Captain, National Honor 

Society Secretary, TEAMS Academy, 

Spanish Honor Society, Adopt-A- 

Grandparent President 

Fahd Aakil 
Ermil Achuo 
Gina Alba 

Stephanie Anastassi 
Erik Ardizzoni 
Katherine Arroyo 
Rana Ata 
Anthony Aviles 
Angel Baez 
Stephanie Barrows 
Matthew Bartlett 
Michael Bartlett 
Ernesto Bencosme 
Alyssa Bennett 
Joseph Bennett 
Michael Bermudez 
Lesly Bonilla 
Micauri Cabrera 
Sherely Caceres 
Sarah Carney 
Brayan Cartagena 
Shirley Cepeda 
Karolina Cermano 
Brian Chavez 
Shanena Chevere 
Konmally Chhav 
Nicholas Christopher 
Joelle Ciras 
Tiana Clark 
Kevin Cleef 
Rachael Clemens 
Rachael Cameno 
Marvens Clerjuste 
Dana Coste 
Patrick Crimmins 
Chelsea Cronin 
Laurie Cruz 
Patricia Cutrona 
Charbel Daher 
Maria Delarosa 
Nilvio DelRosario 
Devin Demarkis 

Shy Seniors 

Scott Deschene 
Cristian Diaz 
Giana Domek 
Laurie Dube 
Nico Durso 
Tomaz Dziedzic 
Alexis Ewer 
Jennifer Feliz 
Erika Flores 
Raquel Flores 
Daniel Foley 
Daritza Francisco 
Briana Garside 
Alan Gomez 
Ariel Gomez 
Cristina Gonzales 
David Guilmette 
Heather Hartwick 
Khanh Ho 
Theresa Hoac 
Kyle Hudson 
Simone Kilgore 
Melissa Kim 
Nathan Krikorian 
Jarred Laliberte 
Jennifer Lamirande 
Ricardo Lauredant 
Daniel Le 
Christina Leighton 
Deanna Leonhart 
Brittany Letts 
Katherine Lopez 
Stephanie Louis 
Natasha Lugo 
Michael Marcello 
Carlos Marrero 
Katherine Martinez 
Lismar Martinez 
Patrick McCann 
Brittany Medungo 
Siobhan Melly 
Paul Molbeck 

Adalberto Morales 
Jaclyn Moreau 
Benjamin Mota 
Chadi Moussa 
Elias Mueller 
Christopher Murach 
Daniel Murray 
Jasmine Newbegin 
Jonathan Nufio 
Jaxira Nunez 
Frank Olivera 
Angel Olivio 
Aysha Ortiz 
Sunny Patel 
Andy Pena 
Joseph Pepin 
Danny Peralta 
Luis Perez 
Brian Perreault 
Thuan Phi 
Kenny Polanco 
Ryan Racioppi 
Oscary Rafael 
Nathan Ratliff 
Anthony Raymond 
Anthony Razza 
Eligio Robles 
Hander Rodriguez 
Jerry Rodriguez 
Keishla Rodriguez 
Stephany Rodriguez 
Roberto Rojas 
Justin Romero 
Onessis Romero 
Oscar Rosario 
Jeffrey Rubino 
Nicholas Rudis 
Joel Rymer 
Charbel Saade 
Joseph Saade 
Kyle Sadezwicz 
Fatima Sahraoui 

Alcides Salazar 
Elba Salazar 
Maria Santos 
Karissa Schneider 
Angel Sepulveda 
Scott Silva 
Corinna Smith 
Daniel Smith 
Dwayne Smith 
Gregory Smith 
Harry Smith 
Jordyn Smith 
Remy Taveras 
Rebecca Tisbert 
Erika Toribio 
Jeffrey Toussaint 
Ivan Valenzuela 
Osmady Vasquez 
Jonathan Zagarella 

Moet Likely Tojjand on frwadway 
m Clancy ABManna Hefferna 

,-— -—^^l ^ 


Most Likely lb Im/ent Something Lfeefuk 
John Mostey & Rachd Fo&ter 

Most Utely To Brighten Up Your Day: 
3r\an Clancy & Meghan O'Donndl 

Most Likely To Win a Vance Off. 
Joeh Adams & Anna 3ajor 


&&dX> ^r\§cAe\ Mala 
Lozowski &,Kevin Lebourdde 


■ode AivSai & April Huynh 

daee Qowne: 
fat Phillion & Vaneeea <3u< 

Scott Yim & Madeon Aides, 


GythOlaee W&coee. 


Favorite Twine: 
Charlee ottamattifoa Kurlcjian 


\Aoet Likely To &e Late to Graduation 
Nick Molinari & Anyeea \Aatatal 

Moet Likely To Appear on Reality TV: 
Oecar Koearb & Kate Mtebr 


Get Smart 

Cast and Crew 

Jenna Hurley, Nina Dadducci, Melanie 
Polanco, Brianna Prey, Alex Parsons, 
Sean Clancy, Erica Tremblay, Merle Self 
Eric Francisco, Cady Lavoie, Andrea 
Minahan, Kimberly Walko, Savannah 
Marshall, Mike Ableson, Rebecca Walsh 
Sarah Regan, Megan Keller, Matt 
Lawson, Briana Hefferman, Brooke 
Lavoie, Meagan O'Donnell, Larry Bou, 
Cristina Gonzalez, Ryan Murphy, Joe 
Foley, April Huynh, Hilary Butts, Kristeq 
Pinciak, Breanah O'Hanely, Jackie 
McDonald, Katie Horan, Guillermo 
Rivera, Charles Broudereer, Melissa 
Dube, Ricky Arvelo, and Paul Downing 



Mr. Big plots an evil plan. 

Nancy and Sandy wait for 
a ride at the bus stop. 

The Wongs look evil 
in disguise. 

Senior Class Play 


, ' ofe ssorh 

c^ a ^; a v\A^ 8 


The Blondes look 

Garth makes a phone 
call to his boss. 

The Falculty is surprised by 
Professor Dante's invention. 


&kss of 2010 

&1ass of 2010 


Jeffrey Hen^ue: 
[Ltan Jol 

Caroline l#bi 

Jeedca Mamre 
LindtLay MaAon 
MorYran Maglre 
TanVj Majki 
rah Mgrant' 

&kss of 2010 

Devon OVowii 
3reanah O'HanJIey 
Keiele O'Nail 
AeHey Ochaeta 


Tomae Olivo 
GaW\e\\a FacUec< 
Warren Faqe 
&e\]jattifl Fare 






Erilh 6to»ra 




Alexander Wundertbh 
Leah Wuikterlich 

Kimberiy Wei it worth 
Jot^ica White^Uc? 
Victoria Whittak<?r 
Kac-hel WituvarJ 








tlaitey Brunette- 

Katelyn JJyron 
Gmily Qfantillon 
Geary sCastro 
fteb^eea Caterino 

# # 

§t(zphani(Z Cfzla- /' 
Valszriano / 

Connor Chagnorj 
flkxandra Chaisgjpn 
Catherine Cloutigr \ 
©aniel Cormier 

Kaitlyn Cottony 
flnthony Crivello 
§arah Croughwell 
fliginie Cruz 
Kristyna Cubszlli 



■Andrea f ostfzr 

Kzlsey fox 

fllyssa frazman 

Idndsszy Garcia 

Justin Gazniek 









<§ofia Giordan© ._ 

Brett Gla^ser 
Michael' Gorman 
JJara drams 
Matthew Gregg 

©anielle Grenigr 
Clizabdh tlajjar / 
Michael tlamel | 
Britney flaney \ 
Victoria floey 

Tabitha tioufe 
Christina Itarelli 
Jaeklyn Kendall 
Kelly Kennedy 
flshley kambert 



flndnzw MeGinty 

Megan MeNiff 

Meghan Mcftobbie 

Chelsea Metealf 

<§>hawna Moore 



Brianne Parent 
Victoria Pekarski 
Jacob Peters 
Kyle Power 

fflyssa ftaimondo 
e>tephanie "Ratlill 
lofia Realejo 
Tylgr Rheault 
Jessica "Rizkallah 

Crie Murphy , % " 


Zlata Myshehuk \ 

e>ara 0'Cbnnell 

Julie 0%il / 





Nie"ole Roberts 

Nathan Robinson 

Michael Rodriguez 

Lauren Rogers 

©aniel £>aba 

# * 

\ Kervens Salomon 

ChYistine §antamaria 


/ §antamaria 

/' Rachel launders 

Terrena <§>eanne|l 

# * tlollu-Jean <§>ilva 

.* Jessica <§>ilvera 



Kara !>pooner 

t Rachel <§t. tlilaire 




Up: ' ' 

*r JU MR' 







A -din 



Kayla Abel 

Joseph Abourizk 

Carlos Abreu 

Clary Abreu 

Raul Abreu 

Faniel Adames 

Cassandra Aguiar 

Joshua Alicea 

Charlotta Allard 

Jessie Allen 

Alicea Amaro 

Liza Anderson 

Samantha Andrade 

Anthony Andronaco 

Ronald Andronaco 

Jessica Angelini 

Elvin Antigua 

Elida Ata 

Jacob Awad 

Amanda Aziz 

Nicole Baddour 

Joshua Baez 

Trevor Baker 

Ryan Barry 

Gregory Barysky 

Jason Batista 

Sebastian Beasley 

Ryan Beauregard 

Caitlin Bell 

Katisha Bellegarde 

Adam Bergeron 

Anthony Bianchi 

Sierra Bias 

Brittney Billmgsley 

Andrea Birch 

Robert Blanchard 

Lyndsey Bocsi 

Ashley Bodenrader 

Brandon Bolduc 

Osvaldo Bonilla 

Nickolas Bonneau 

Michael Bouhabib 

Courtney Bradley 

Corina Bradstreet 

Marisa Brady 

Zachary Branchaud 

Mark Brightman 

Michelle Broomes 

Shelby Brown 


mat. t\\m.imk 

m M iHk ^^TVU;* <~~t 

&kss of 201 2 

Amy Bruneau 
Nicholas Bueno 
Amanda Byron 
Yamel Cabrera 
Brian Calhau 
Jonathan Calixto 
Michael Camuso 

Richard Canales 
Michael Capomaccio 
Elizabeth Carey 
Alexandra Casey 
Tony Cela 
Kayla Chandler 
Desiree Charest 

Brendan Chretien 
Conor Clark 
Amanda Clooney 
Kendra Coco 
Victoria Cohen 
James Conner-Myers 
Johnathan Consoli 

Miguel Contreras 
Jake Conway 
Alexander Cordero 
Neftali Cornea 
Neritssa Cornea 
Tyler Corrente 
Matthew Corsaro 

Rebeka Costa 
Vanessa Costa 
John Crane 
Nicholas Crawford 
Katie Cranio 
Erek Croteau 
Frank Cruz 

Kathleen Cruz 
Brittany Curtis 
Marisa Cuscuna 
Rosemarie Daher 
Diandra Danieli 
Tayla David 
Samantha De Gruttola 

Hannah Dearman 
Jordan Deas 
Emily Deechaleune 
Danielle Degaspe 
Ranfy Dejesus 
Paul Delabruere 
Ana Delacruz 



Kialy Delacruz 

Scott Delrossi 

Ashley Derome 

Jonathan Desantis 

Matthew Desroche 

Adrianna Diaz 

Grace Diaz 

Sebastian Diaz 

Geraldine Dilone 

Kerri Dimauro 

Chantal Diodati 

Michael Dion 

Charles Doherty 

Steven Dostie 

Dylan Doucette 

Laura Downs 

Farrin Dufour 

Emily Dume 

Julissa Dume 

Courtney Dunne 

Allison Eastman 

Gabriela Encalada 

Jillian Enos 

Keith Erickson 

Sabelmari Escobar 

Alex Fajardo 

Jillian Falardeau 

Deana Fascione 

Matthew Fehmel 

Karolyn Fernandez 

Ashlee Ferrante 

Joyce Ferreira 

Cody Flaherty 

Chelsea Flannigan 

Jorge Foglia 

Megan Forgetta 

Paul Forkus 

Emma Foster 

Tony Franco 

Ryan Freeman 

Karl Fuller 

Nicole Gagnon 

Joshua Gangi 

Jasmine Garcia 

Jessica Gardner 

Nicholas Gazelian 

Caileigh Geaghan 

Megan Genest 

Jake Getchell 

Ll9 IfeAfr JgJk ■&** j 

*lii*it*f iip 


&lass of 20 12 


f 9. AM 

Nicole Giddinge 
Joseph Giuffrida 
Bridget Goerke 
Kimberly Gomez 
Walyn Gomez Cruz 
Gabriela Gonzalez 
Joshua Gonzalez 

Stephanie Gonzalez 
Yuleini Gonzalez 
Matthew Gordon 
Michael Gordon 
Christopher Grassi 
Chantelle Gravel 
Mary Greene 

Alycia Greenwood 
Tatum Hajjar 
Alexandra Halaby 
Courtney Hale 
David Hall 
Lindsey Hamblet 
Kylie Hamilton 

Lindsay Hannigan 
Victoria Hartford 
Sarith Has 
Allison Hawkes 
Alain Hayek 
Colleen Heggarty 
Amanda Hemond 

Michael Hennessy 
Diana Hernandez 
Wendy Hoac 
Elizabeth Hughes 
Jacob Hulme 
Nathanael Infante 
Jasmine Jackson 

Mammola Jenna 
Cassandra Johnson 
Harley Kaiser 
Triestina Kamal 
Andrew Karpowicz 
Ryan Kelley 
Richard Kendall 

Amy Kerr 
Sara Kerr 
Timothy Kerr 
Parshwa Khambhati 
Jack Khoury 
Petty Kim 
Teresian Kimani 



Alisha Klier 

Jordan Knott 

Hannah LaBrecque 

Eric Lacroix 

David Lafontaine 

Kally Laguerre 

Mark Lajoie 

Jeromy Lantigua 
Grant Larson 
Ashley Latulippe 
Hector Laureano 
Brianna Lavin 
Shayna Leary 
Curtis Leblanc 

Nicole Lentine 

Alexandria Levesque 

Stephen Lilja 

Stephanie Lind 

George Liranzo 

Nicolas Longo 

Laury Lora 

Emily Lynch 
Chi Mac 
David Mackey 
Michael Mades 
Derek Madore 
Kayla Maguire 
Michael Maher 

Steven Majkut 

Kristen Maldonado 

Jenna Mammola 

Elaine Mancini 

Kyle Mansour 

Denisse Marroquin 

Ariana Martella 

Angel Martinez 

Steven Martinez 

Edwin Mateo 

Daniel McAndrew 

John McGovem 

Nicole McHugh 

Matthew Meaney 

Felix Medina 

Nicholas Medugno 

Paul Meli 

Amanda Melo 

Rebecca Melvin 

Evelis Mercado 

Clayton Meuse 



ii&J 9 ,f 

1.1 A AS As 

. M| I -^^^ 

f *®£* t 


Daniel Miller 
Olivo Molina 
Michael Molloy 
James Morley 
John Moss 
Michael Mouawad 
Rachel Moussa 

Tyler Murphy 
Genesis Ng 
Andrew Nguyen 
Anh Nguyen 
Hoa Nguyen 
Kevin Nickerson 
Shayree Nieves 

Courtney Nimmo 
Timothy Nolet 
Anthony Norcia 
Justin O'Connor 
Renee O'Laughlin 
Evan O'Leary 
Glennys Ortega 

Paul Ouellette 
Victor Ovellet 
Michael Pacelli 
Alex Padarat 
Angela Pagan 
Kelsey Paine 
Stephanie Paltoo 


\ l MJhk 








Bansari Patel 
Dharmik Patel 
Yash Patel 
Sara Patti 
Kymberly Pelletier 
Eliana Pena 
Yomarys Pena 

Jason Pendergast 
Genesis Perez 
Yonely Perez 
Cody Perrault 
Joseph Perrone 
Steven Perrone 
Derek Pinheiro 


Allison Pisani 

Keisha Placide 

Joel Platz 

Carina Polanco 

Matthew Pomerleau 

Shayla Potter 

Tom Powell 

Taran Probst 

Amanda Psaros 

Kelsey Quinn 

Michael Raimondi 

Ashley Ramirez 

Catherine Ramos 

Valerie Rentas 

Anabel Reyes 

Monique Ritter 

Vincent Rivela 

Janel Rivera 

Mark Rivera 

Monica Rivera 

Ashley Roaf 

Samantha Robinson 

Abel Rodriguez 

Ashley Rodriguez 

Derek Rodriguez 

Joanely Rodriguez 

Leo Rodriguez 

Pamela Rodriguez 

Zaritma Rodriguez 

Alyssa Rosson 

Chelsea Rutherford 

Imad Saade 

Nicole Sallese 

Charles Samra 

Argenis Santiago 

Leah Santone 

Stephanie Santos 

Brittany Sarcione 

Adam Sardella 

Tiffany Sath 

Ryan Savastano 

Nicholas Scammon 

Casey Scarelli 

Andrew Schneider 

Adam Scholtz 

Heather Schwarz 

Nicholas Scott 

Richard Sharp 

Joshua Shellmer 

.4 1 mx 





ii # 1 m 9 


a ■• # 1/ *' 

Jiii : 

Robert Sheperd 
Corey Shepherd 
Hitonobu Shimomoto 
Janet Silva 
Ariana Small 
Daniel Smerdon 
Alyssa Souza 

Zachery Spencer 
Caleb Stepanian 
Chloe Stopyra 
Angel Suarez 
Devyn Sullivan 
John Sullivan 
Carl Swenson 

Tyler Szczesny 
Kayvan Tavarez 
Osvaldo Tavarez 
Jason Taveras 
Kristian Teichert 
Ana Tejada 
Brittany Theochares 

Ryan Thibault 
Michael Thu 
Ashley Tiani 
James Tilton 
Paul Tomacchio 
Giovanni Traficante 
Nikki Tran 

Abigail Tremblay 
Jeremy Trudel 
Jessica Trudel 
Katelyn Tully 
Joshua Turmel 
Ashley Twomey 
Alexander Twyman 

Gregory Twyman 
Maireny Urena 
Miguel Urena 
Maxim Uskov 
Vanessa Valdez 
Albert Vasquez 
Diameris Vasquez 

Ethiane Vieira 
Christopher Viger 
Huyen Vu 

Matthew Wachowiak 
Austin Walker 
Eddie Wallace 
Bridgett Watson 



Ashley Wedge 

Miranda Whealan 

Matthew Whittaker 

Taylor Wilson 

Lauren Wojtowicz 

Kimberlee Wolfe 

Derrick Wong 

Corey Wormald 

Kristofer Wunderlich 

Michael Wunderlich 

Bobby Yassini-Fard 

Kenneth Yeung 

Charlie Zuhlke 

Francesca Zuniga 

lid) Carxiidfi 





Alexis Apel 

Priscilla Artey 

Allyson Barr 

Chelsea Buell 

Jonathan Chaision 

Michael Custeau 

Catherine Fiorillo 

Claudia Geisler 

Madeline Hurst 

Victoria Iacovella 

Katelyn McLaughlin 

Daniel Patterson 

Jordan Pope 

Justin Tagliaferri 





Arthur Nicholson, HI 

ciane Obsbatkin 
Vice Principal 

A Hole JtwH WIk. Hick: 

I want to wish each 
member of the Class of 
2009 my very best in 
your future endeavors. I 
am confident that you 
will be successful in all 
that you do or 



Michael Downs 
Assistant Principal 

Assistant Principal 

Karen Hallbauer 
Assistant Principal 


Nicole (Mare 

Victoria Grisp 

Special Educcton 




3ogce Hoofer 

Special Edacafroo Special Edacafton 


Peter fifcos 
Social Sfefftes 


CarolAnn Kousois 5emnferKrayffc Anne Marie Krusell DayidLaCroix Espercmza Lattnde 

Nurse Science EngKshGhair Social Studies Science 

Roger Lenf est 

Social Studies 

Sharon Letendre 

Special Education 

Patricia Lohnes 
Foreign Language Special Education 


Maria Mastrocola 
Media Chair 

Joseph McAleyg 
Special Education 

Simon McCatfferg 



School Officer 

ItoelpMendez MKmMrddleiDiss 

Special Educate Pasted Edacata PJigsicalEdacafton 


Mark Presto 

Mark Prahashu Aim Marie Proyosf Merrill 

Social Stees 

Fine Arfc 

Jf^ ^ 

ttKaM Grrga Maapriga Tmcg Mroshaw 5oaraie Kossi 

Mcrfih Science Foreign Language Media English 


Eteabetih Sanders 
Special Education 

» 1 


Katherine Seero 


Joseph Sanfy 
Network Specialist 

Special Edacato 

Donald Sesftnl 


"• *B 

rF«. 'oUt: 


m cp JQ 



Elizabeth Shevlin 


Martha Schaefer 
Special Edacaton 

Special Edacaton 

Network Specialist 



LocUse Troia 

Social States 

Special Education 


Aiilefec Director 

Special Educate 


-• * ML 


w °.fi ^f' -"5* j "1 

^JL'~ /L-^^tf' <M^4 -- 

up V ^J 

jK . - ^^^j^ M 

BP^^p S^-M- 


j_ iK 

i p^ v i 

doyoe FmMe, Mene Kosmeh, Marflan Weg T 9oan Bonanno, Sue Hulon, Thetaa 
( er Lija, Quisle Tranfto, Paala SneH 

Catherine Laheg, Mi Soucg, Yolla Aboa- 
Lasleg, Maria Carneiro 

Ttoelwt Ccu/tdid^ 


Coach Matt Twomey, Cait Berube, Morganne Akroyd, Courtney Murach, Ashley LeBlanc, 

Lindsey Madsen, Alisha Allen, Courtbey Bradley, Michaela Harris, Elana Guzman, Amanda 

Armstrong, Taylor Gillete, Rashidat Agboola, Becca Guselli, Kaliegh Bauchman, Taylor Bergeron 

Seniors (from top: 

Taylor Bergeron, Kaliegh Bauchman, 

Rebecca Gusselli, Taylor Gillette, & 

Amanda Armstrong 

• i » 


Captains: Taylor Gillette, Rashidat Agboola, & 

Rebecca Gusselli 

Coach: Matt Twomey 

1.) Courtney Murach gets ready to hit 
the ball over the net 

2) Spike that ball! 

3.) The team talks strategy 

4.) Rashidat Agboola protects the net 

5.) Taylor Gillette and Ashley LeBlanc 
take a game break 


/ \ 


Girls Soccer 

Kayla Costa, Amy DeSimone, Madison Aleska, Katie Fichera, Arianna Damiano, Jenna Bueno, 
Hayley Dolbeare, Kim Marino, Rachel Condon, Megan Sessa, Jamie Newell, Coach Peter 
Kitsos, Alex Levesque, Victoria Bonneau, Drue Barron, Rebecca Caterino, Carissa Cicolini, Karen 
Lima,Alyssa Cote, Kristy Erickson, Coach Dave Gordon 

Coaches: Peter Kitsos & David Gordon 
Captains: Amy DeSimone & Madison Aleska 

Seniors (from top 

Katie Fichera, Arianna Damiano, Am 

DeSimone, Madison Aleksa, & Kayl( 



U Jaime Newell fights for the ball 

2J Coaches Kitsos and Gordon watch 
their team intently 

3J Amy Desimone throws the ball to her 

4J Madison Aleska cheers on her team 

5J Hayley Dolbeare waits for the ball to 
come to her 

Boys Soccer 

Coach Claude Beauaet, Alex Wellspring, Cooper Brown, Bryon Wellspring, Fred Corey, Colin 

Trainer, Alex Vieweg, Peter Fichera, Curtis Pereira, Tyler Harrington, Jake Rogers, Assistant 

Coach Glen Gaccione, William Gagne, Alex Bagetta, Mark Dougherty, Jonathan Nufio, Eric 

Bajor, John Mosely, Nick Molinari, Kevin Dorgan, Corey Michaud, Jeremy Fieldhouse 

Senior Names (from top): Eric Bajor, Mark 
ugherty, John Mosely, Kevin Dorgan, Nick 
Molinari, William Gagne, Jonathan Nufio, 
Alex Bagetta, Corey Michaud, & Jeremy 

Coaches: Claude Beauaet & Glen Gaccione 
Captions: Eric Bajor & John Mosley 

I) William Gagne waits for the ball 

2J Get ready for the ball! 

3J John Mosely moves the ball down 
the field 

4J Jeremy Fieldhouse handles the ball 

5] Mark Dougherty protects the 


Boys Cross Countr; 

Mouad Tablouti, Eric Rodriguez, Josh Eskel, Mike Sprague, Steven Fitzsimmons Justin Reddy, Phi Nguyen, Brian 
Clancy, Nathan Pinciak, Ben Pare, Andrew Stamatopulos, Daniel Coste, Nate Robinson, Oliver Thibault, Casy 
Barnicle, Dan Beaudin, Chris Loan, Tyler Sullivan, Corey Hamel, Jared Reddy, Nick Nieves, Kyle Charette, Cam Kelly, 
Vin Calautti, Lucas Bergeron, Coach Scott Ouellett, Josh Gangi, Yash Patel, Parshwa Khambhoti, Jay Pendergast, Tom 
Lubiszewski, Connor Clark, Adam Bergeron, Ricky Kendall, Coach Kevin Alliette, Coach Bill James 

Coaches: Scott Ouellett, Bill James, & Kevin Alliette Seniors (starting from top left): Justin R< 

Captain: Steven Fitzsimmons 

1.) Justin Reddy leads the race 

2J Jared Reddy & Steven Fitzsimmons 

surround their opponent 

3J Phi Nguyen races to victory! 

4J Andrew Stamatopulos makes the final 


5) Brian Clancy works hard to finish the 

Steven Fitzsimmons, Brian Clancy, Nathan 
Pinciak, Josh Eskel, Mike Sprague, & Phi 
Nguyen _J 


iris Cross Countr 

Katisha Bellegarde, Brystal Vazquez,, Bridget Dum, Anne Bajor, Brooke Baldassari, Nicole 
Hamblet, Coach Scott Ouelette, Jacklyn Kendell, Heather Trepanier, Nikki Tran, Jillian 
Baillargeon, Caroline Kubiszewski, Coach Kevin Aillette, Coach Bill James 

Not Pictured: Petty Kim 

Seniors (from left): Jillian Baillargeon, Bridget 
Dunn, & Anne Bajor 


Coaches: Scott Ouellett, Kevin Alliette, & Bill James 
Captions: Jillian Baillargeon & Anne Bajor 

1) Brystal Vazquez outruns her opponent 

2) Brooke Baldassari keeps up with her 

3J Methuen stays strong right on their 
opponents heels 

4J Bridget Dunn works up the hill 

5} Arme Bajor leads the pack 

Coach Jeff Osgood, Ryan Benson, Jordan Pritts, Chuckie Prescott, Mark Fisher, Chris Wolfe, 
William Bourassa, John Newell, Mike Summa, Dan Trafacante, Jake Hulme 

Captains: Mark Fisher, Chris Wolfe, & William 


Coaches: Jeff Osgood 

1.) John Newell practices his swing 

2J William Bourrassa putts the ball into 
the hole 

3J Nice swing Nick! 

4J Jordan Pritts follows through on his 

5J Mark Fisher moves the ball closer to 
the hole. 

Seniors: William Bourassa, Mark Fisher, & 
Chris Wolfe 

Swimming & Oiving 

Christina Sullivaa Audrey MacDonald Mackenzie Leduc, Sophia Saba, Samantha Andrade, Emily Boyd 
Abby Trembly, Ashlee Ferrante, Katie Horan, Taffy Kambarami, Erica Grasso, Chanelle Arsenault, Karima 
Laraki, Kristin Brain, Katie Oskar, Tara Leahy, Kiley Perrone, Meghan Haley, Jennifer Kelly, Abbey 
Carbonneau, Mandi Thornton, Maggie Conlon, Erin Wholley, Meaghan Arsenault, Mabel Urena, 
Hannah Fairbank, Kenia Rivera, Judy Zuhlke, Coach Jason Smith 

Seniors (from top left): 

Judy Zuhlke, Hannah Fairbank, Erin 

Wholley, Jennifer Kelly, Meghan 

Arsenault, Maggie Conlon, Abbey 

Carbonneau, Mandy Thorton, Kiley 

Perrone, Kenia Rivera, Meghan Haley, 

Mabel Urena 

Captions: Erin Wholley, Maggie Conlon, Mandy 

Thornton, & Meghan Arsenault 

Coaches: Jason Smith, Kristen Perrault (not pictured) Josh 

Herzog (not pictured) 

1.) Should We Be Swimming? 

2J Fly Away Hannah. 

3J Go Wholley, Go! 

4J laky La Boomba! 

5J Maggie Races to Victory! 


Jeff Toussaint, John Moore, Josue Henriquez, Joenry Acosta, Sean Cairns, Justin Marsan, Dominic Thompson, Pat Bullion, Oscar Rosario, Kyle Hudson, Ernesto Benscome, 
Zachery Jordan, Tomasz Dzledzic, Matt Gordon, Brian Baez, Steve Kupiec, Matt Ridiordson, Tim Hlggins, Pat Crimmins, Nick Fabrizio, Adam Avedisian, Matt Bartlett, 
Jason Doyle, Bobby Cole, Derrick Feole, Adam Arsenault, Mike Bartlett, Matt Morel, Sidney Phu, Alex Arsenault, Joey Getchell, Steve SyaSamporkhoa Steve 
Dlzzazo, Nikko Ferrara, Niak Foden, Mike Harper, Mark Trempe, James Staples, Tim Kong, Cal Carrol, Brian Sim, Sean Whittaker, Kevin Higgins, Mac Loman, Jeff 
McAndrew, Matt Delmonte, Ryan Dizoglio, Aaron Ferriera Ben Maatrone, Dan Cormier, Raudy Mlnaya, Jeff Sadezwicz, Phil Barrett, Mike Ewlng, Andy 
Concepcion, Nick Wright, Tyler BcJduc, Alex Shepard, John McCarthy, Pedro Paralta, Mike Bernston, Sean McCarthy, Alex Collins, Matt Paoardi, Coach Fran 
Mebsso, Coach Tom Tone, Coach Jeff Durante, Coach Kyle Swenson, Coach Tim Lawler, Coach Tim Silva, Coach Mike Marshall, Coach Pat Graham 

Captains: Pat Phillion, Sean Cairns, Justin Marsan, 
& Dominic Thompson 
Coach: Pat Graham 

Seniors (starting from top left): John Moore, 
Matt Richardson, Joenry Acosta, Sidney Pho, 
Nicholas Fabrizio, Steven Kupiec, Adam 
Aresenault, Adam Avedisian, Justin Marsan, 
Brian Baez, Jeff Toussaint, Oscar Rosario, 
Patrick Phillion, Timothy Higgins, Matt Gordor 
Tomasz Dziedzic, Dominic Thompson, Sean 
Cairns, Zachary Jordan, Josue Henriquez, 
Mike Bartlett, Matt Bartlett, Abx Arsenault, 
Matt Morel, Kyle Hudson, & Pat Crimmins 




field Hockey 



Sofia Giordano, Marissa Prezzano, Chelsee Sweeny, Rebecca Armstrong, Tamara Melendez, 
Jenna Fabrizio, Lauren Loffredo, Tabatha Desmet, Rachel Sterner, Sarah Malagodi, Sidney 
Valentino, Ashley Adams, Danielle Labreoque, Katelyn DiPietro, Kaileigh Hintlian, Allison Hajjar, 

Alicia Tremblay, Brianne Begin, Nicole Awad 


Seniors (from top left): 

Kaileigh Hintlian, Brianne Begin, 

Allison Hajjar, Katelyn DiPietro, Alicia 

Tremblay, Danielle Labreoque. & 

Nicole Awad 

Captains: Kaileigh Hintlian & Allison Hajjar 
Coaches: Katie Seero & Karen McLaughlin (not 


1.) Captain Kaileigh Hintlian 

inserts the ball for an offensive 


2.) Alicia Tremblay keeps the ball 

in the circle on offense. 

3.) Lauren Loffredo carries the 


4.) Ashley Adams drives the ball. 

team cheers before 


fall Cheerleadiito 

Coach Jessica Hamilton, Stephanie Lento, Megan Monroe, Brittany Kinlin, Rebecca Enos, Sheri Silvestro, Brittany 
Aziz, Christine Neel, Christine Zacharias, Kimberly Guild, Caitlyn Couture, Jessica Stella, Judy Nguyen, Megan 
McNiff, Hannah Labrecque, Kayla Chandler , Tabitha Houb, Melana Winegar, Chelsea Trask, Davena Phoeung , 
Stephanie CaCeras , Noelle Trovers, Julie Flores, Christina Itarelli, Michael Hamel 


Captains:: Rebecca Enos, Brittany Kinlin, Sheri 


Coach: Jessica Hamilton (not pictured) 

1.) The seniors gather for a group picture 

2.) Becky Enos leads the squad in a 


3.) The squad takes a break for a the 


4.) The squad enthusiastically cheer on 

their team 

5.) Let's Go Big Blue! 

Seniors (starting from top):: Re 
Enos, Stephanie Lento, Brittany Kinlin, 
Megan Monroe, Brittany Aziz, Sheri 

inter Cheerleadi 

Chelsea Trask, Stephanie CaCeras, Julie Flores, Christine Zacharias, Tabitha Houle, Noelle 

Travers, Christina Itareli, Hannah Labrecque, Kayle Chandler, Christine Neel, Megan Monroe, 

Rebecca Enos, Sheri Silvestro, Caitlyn Couture, Judy Nguyen, Jessica Stella (not pictured) 

Seniors (starting from top): 

Rebecca Enos, Sheri Silvestro, 

Megan Monroe 

Captains: Rebecca Enos, Megan Monroe, 

Sheri Silvestro (not pictured) 

Coach: Jessica Hamilton (not pictured) 

I) Becky Enos and Sheri Silvestro cheer 

on their home team. 

2J Christine Neel performs an 

arabesque stunt during a time out. 

3.) Judy Nguyen shows her enthusiastic 

spirit for the Rangers. 

4.) Tabitha leads the cheer, Let's Go! 

Let's Go! MHS Let's Go! 

5.) The squad cheers on their basketball 

team to another victory! 


Ice Hockey 

Tyler Murphy, Josh Finley, Matt Charette, Peter Fichera, Mike Summa, Michael Lussier, Brandon 
McDermott, Devin Moore, Colin Trainor, James Abou-Haider, Patrick Lucey, Mathew Perry, 
Patrick Fleming, Jonathan Borden, Danny Loughlin, Eric Dalrymple, Nick LeBlanc Coaches: James 
Peirce, Dennis Egan, John Deveau 

Captions: Danny Loughlin, Patrick Fleming, Jonathan 

Borden and Michael Lussier 

Coaches: Dennis Egan, James Peirce & John Deveau 

L) Patrick Lucey and Michael Lussier go 
for the goal! 

2.) Patrick Fleming defends for the 

3J Another save for Jonathan Borden! 

4J Danny Loughlin skates hard for the 

5J Michael Lussier takes the face off. 

Seniors (from top): 

Danny Loughlin, Jonathan 

Borden and Mathew Perry 


Figure Skating 

Colleen DeCola, Allison Ross, Alyssa Freeman, Kara Chaisson, Carine Garozzo, Coach Stacey 

enior: Carine Garozzo 

Captains: Allison Ross & Colleen DeCola 
Coach: Stacy Crowley 

1.) Allison Ross taking a bow. 
2.) Colleen Decola strikes a pose. 
3.) Carine Garozzo looks graceful. 

4.) Kara Chaisson poses with a smil 

5.) Aylssa Freemann shines in the 




Josh Adams, Adam Arsenault, Alex Arsenault, Adam Avedisian, Brian Clancy, Mark Dougherty, Niok Fabrizio, Steven Fitzsimmons, Josue 
Henriquez, Mathew Mann, Justin Marsan, Kevin Miller, Phi Nguyen, Nathan Pinciak, Justin Reddy, Jon Smallwood, Mike Sprague, Oaniel Thoren, 
Daniel Beaudoin, John Goddard, Corey Hamel, Chris Loan, Mike Norcia, Warren Page, Jared Reddy, Andrew Stamatopulos, Tyler Sullivan, 
Mouad Tabbuti, Abx Wunderlich, Hans, Almanzar, Stephen Aresenault, Lucas Bergeron, Daniel Cormier, Derek Feob, Cameron Kelly, Kyb 
Moschetto, Lane Niokerson, Guilbrmo Rivera, Oliver Thibault, Jessie Albn, Ronald Andronaco, Joshua Baez, Gregory Barysky, Ricky Canales, 
Conor Clark, Miguel Contreras, Steven Dostie, Matt Gordon, Moke Gordon, Tom Kubiszewski, Stephen Lilja, Nicholas Medugno, Daniel Milbr, 
Lucas Parsons, Cody Perrault, Adam Sardella, Joshua Shellmer, Daniel Smerdon 

Seniors (from top left): John Smallwood 
Danny Thoren, Josue Henriquez, Justin 
Marsan, Mike Sprague, Josh Adams, Nate 
Pinciak, Adam Avedsian, Matt Mann, Mark 
Dougherty, Adam Arsenault, Brian Clancy, 
Justin Reddy, Kevin Miller , Steven 
Fitzsimmons, Alex Arsenault 

Captions: Steven Fitzsimmons, 
Adam Avedsian, Nathan Pinciak, 
Josue Henriquez, Justin Marsan, 
Josh Adams, Daniel Thoren 
Coaches: Roger Fuller, Nick 
Collopy (not pictured), Glen 
Gearin (not pictured) & Scott 
Ouelette (not pictured) 

U Senior Nate Pinciak drives to the 


2J Junior Derek Fide works his 

hardest to win the shotput. 

3J Senior Mark Dogherty crosses the 

finish line. 

4J Methuen sets for the beginning of 

5J Joshua Baez prepares for his race. 

Girls Track 

Sam Norton, Mici Cabrera, Lily Mischo, Anne Bajor, Bridget Dunn, Jenni Pappas, Josie Aiyeku, Jackie McDonald, Jill Bailbrgeon, Caitlin 

Pandolph, Alicia Hardy, Rachel Foster, Bensari Patel, Jenna Chiavelli, Jackie Kendall, Lindsey Garcia, Paige Fleming, Julie Platz, Julia Anderson, 

Brooke Baldassari, Coach Jennifer Kravitz, Caroline Kubiszewski, Morganne Akroyd, Nicole Maillet, Chelsea Flarmigan, Briama Twomey, Petty 

Kim, Nicole Hamblet, Brystal Vazquez, Coach Jeff Osgood, Rachely Ramos, Erika Bonanno, Lizzy Rosario, Taylor Spellen, Katisha Bellagrade, 

Heather Bies, Taran Probst, Coach Chrisarm Sevoian, Marykate Green, Bori Park, Emily Cantillon, Kelly Geran, Amy Bruneau, Coach Kevin 



Seniors (from top left): Lily Mischo, Mici 

Cabrera, Sam Norton, Anne Bajor, Caitlin 

Pandolph, Jackie McDonald, Jenni Pappas, 

Alicia Hardy, Rachel Foster, Jill Bailbrgeon, 

Josie Aiyeku, Bridget Dunn 

Captions: Caitlin Pandolph, Anne Bajor, & Jenni 


Coaches: Jennifer Kravitz, Kevin Alliette, Jeff 

Osgood, & Chrisann Sevoian 

I) Nicole Maillet up against Notre 

2) Josie Aiyeku getting ready for the 

3J Caitlin Pandolph jumping the hurdles 

4J Julia Anderson jumps the high jump 

5J Jill Bailbrgeon out runs her opponents 

Girls Basketball 

Ashley Adams, Rachel Condon, Lindsay Pare, Katelyn Ortiz, Rashidat Agboola, Rebeka Costa, 
Jaime Newell, Catherine Cloutier, Ashley Leblanc, Courtney Murach, Hayley Dolbeare, Casey 

Coaches: Karen McLaughlin (not pictured) and 

Brendan Cripps (not pictured) 

Captions: Rashidat Agboola and Lindsay Pare 

1.) Ashley Leblanc fights for the jump ball 

2.) Beka Costa plays tough defense 

3.) Katelyn Ortiz waves for the pass 

4.) Lindsay Pare looks for the open 

5.) Ashley Adams dribbles the ball up 
the court. I ,dM 

Senior: Lindsay Pare 

Boys Basketball 

Steve Risacher, Matt Richardson, Edwin Gonzalez, Chris Murach, Pat Crimmins, Matt Picardi, 
ManagerTyler Rheault, Coach Richard Barden, Michael Gorman, Cal Carroll, Raudy Minaya, 
James Staples, John McCarthy, Jason Doyle, Manager Edward Rodriguez, Coach Jason Smith 


Seniors (from top left): Edwin Gonzalez, 
Aatt Richardson, Pat Crimmins, Chris Murach 

Coach Richard Bardon, Captain Matt 

Richardsom, Captain Edwin Gonzalez, Captain 

Chris Murach, Coach Jason Smith 

L) Edwin Gonzalez shoots the ball. 
2.) Raudy Minaya waits for the rebound. 

3J Michael Gorman hustles the ball 
down the court. 

4.) Matt Richardson fights off the other 

5.James Staples goes for the basket! 




CJ Doherty, Sarith Has, Eddie Wallaoe, Paul Tommacchio, Tim Kong, Fui Lee, Tim Kerr, George Liranzo. Anthony 
Andronaco, Ryan Savastano, Will Savard, Mike Mouawad, Brian Sim, Jason Pendergast, Hanley Vazquez, Mike 
Ewing. Mike Eyssi, Chris Bouchard, Edwin Alfonso, Sean McCarthy, Colin Bleem, Chris Dechirico, Sean Whittaker, 
Jeff Henrigues.. Asst. Coach Jimmy Quinlan, Larry Bou, Doug Baker, Andy Pena, Nate Krikorian, Kevin Sughrue, Niko 
Kattar, Nate Gioacchini, Asst. Coach James Sheehan, Head Coach Bill James. 

Coaches: Jimmy Quinlan, James Sheehan, and Bill James 
Captains: Larry Bou, Andy Pena, Nate Krikorian, and 
Kevin Sughrue 

I) Nate Krikorian working over his Central 

2.) Nate Gioacchini beating up on his Central 

3.) Larry Bou getting ready to wrestle. 

4.) Hanley Vazquez raising his hand 

5.) Andy Pena running a half. 

Seniors (from top left): Nate Krikorian,|| 
Kevin Sughrue, Andy Pena, Larry Bou 



Coach Fran Molesso, Mackenzie Leduc, Kristin Brain, Montserrat Garay Mendez, Abbi Massey, Kristen 

Doyle, Amanda Crane, Katie Oskar, Julie Eliopoulus, Coach Alicia Tardugno, Coach Robin Corsetto, 

Kelly Kennedy, Nicole Lentine, Chloe Stopyra, Sara Patti, Amanda Psaros, Jill Enos, Victoria Hoey, 

Courtney Bradley, Chelsea Rutherford, Coach Devin Starr (not pictured) 

Seniors (from top left): Montserrat Garay 

Mendez, Abbi Massey, Kristen Doyle, 

Amanda Crane 

Coaches: Fran Molesso, Robin Corsetto, Alicia 

Tardugno (not pictured), & Devin Starr (not pictured) 

Captain: Kristen Doyle 

U Katie Oskar shows off her flexibility 

and elegance. 

2.) Mackenzie Leduc practices her beam 


3.) Abbi Massey dances through her 

floor routine. 

4.) Captain Kristen Doyle leaps through 

the air. 

5.) Amanda Crane shows off her grace. 

$%&i®r CI&sl 

zfvfti®r C-l&ss 

President: Scott Yim 
Vice President: Madison Aleska 
Secretary: Matt Baddo 
Treasurer: Bridget Murphy 
Advisor: Maria McLaughlin 

^JJ°h.®lh®r% \^l&88 

President: Sarah Privitera 
Vice President: Terrena Sec — 
Co-Treasurer: Dan Cormi< 
Co-Treasurer: AshleyleBlan* 
Advisor: nracevKamsKgw 

scretary: Christine Neel 
Treasurer: Viren Patel 
Advisors: Esperanza Lalinde & Linda 

President: Tatum Hajjar 
Vice President: Abby Tremblay 
Secretary: Ryan Beuregard 
Treasurer: Emmanuel Abraham 
Advisor: Jane Ellen Shepherd 


v * IH 


rnli*jlf it: 


fell U LW 

rJ-rU-M 1 ! 1 ! 

v«- *fr^---^r*-'*^" -v«.* 

National Honor Society 


'« >«a »a @ ! r iiii »iflQ ( i a i»iiM gii ii^ ^ 

'resident: Allison Hajjar 
VP: Corinna Smith 
Secretary: Lindsay Pare 
Treasurer: Kim Marino 

."he Blue and White school 

geared towards students 
who value their own input 
and opinions on news 
that's happening around 
the globe, nation, or in the 
school building. Every 
month, members meet up 
to discuss current events, 
sports, or other topics of 
interest or debate. We 
applaud each group 
member's effort towards 
helping make the Blue and 
White a comolete success. 


L.I 1 1 I,!-, 


Mr _j 

■ it 


: rflWWTOpyl 

The Methuen High School Yearbook 

members are responsible for the des 
creation, marketing, and sales of the 

design the cover and le 

is distributed to Seniors at thv. v. 
Breakfast in May, and the rest of the ! 
the next day. Many sin 
served as yearbook eaitors over tne ye 
including Mr. Nick, who se™^ ac PHitr 
Chief of the MHS Yearboc 


1 Pppr 1 paHprc 

I I i i • i i i i i i mm 

LI 1 1 1 1 I 1 

f I II i '» 

'it ; 

m £ | Jv ■ 


5 f *§ *MM jnji 


Advisor: Laurie Bakker 

Allison Hajjar as Secretary 

Factory chapter and raise funds to 

help provide chronically ill children 

yith special dreams. Currently, there 

re more than 30 chapters across the 

United States with over 5,000 

volunteers who work to produce and 

deliver dreams, visit children and 

families in the hospital and their 

.iomes, arrange special celebrations 

and conduct fundraising events for 

individual children. 


Concert Choir ..1 

-. ^*vfe||-ift 


>v "thL 

S^i FjI 


41 ' _> XflH 

mm*** uwm§mwmw3Wmm$ w > <> *Q99f$ * m m i\»w nmw m * 

Guitar Club 

§jj •■}■& -.. _.... _„,. Sg&ritimam ™ 


■ ***' ^^ %^H ^T^^ 

■ ■ • i 





Advisor: C 

The members of the Assistive 

and Josh Eskel (mi 

^ » C ii nisufjM >i OTB a>M i3g t Pixi itt iifa >l» Q»ti ii>iii B # PBifci ii Pffj@ >i ci 4 

The Robotics Club is a club in 

which members build, program, 

and operate robots. The main 

goals are to provide students 

with a chance to learn about 

technology, mechanics, 

programming and engineering, 

to raise community awareness 

about engineering and robotics, 

and to have fun. 

jfa—- 1 



Advisor: Karen Fitzgerald 

■ I 

Advisors: Maria Mlbt^beQJe 5/ /Paula Cro^s & 
m ,r Margaret Moyriinan 

SBdU S$w stinging 

J Sandor Prance zinging about 
Titanic Record/"' plan 

Qla Peter/on trie/ to e/cape 
Jeffrey Moz/'z apartment 

Olga, tiwynne /mith 

and Lila /miley/inging 
'T>ell/ Are Ringing" 

Jeffrey Aozz trie/ to 

convince Larry fta/ting/ that 
hi/ play i/ almo/t complete 

tiwynne /mith, /ue /ummerz and 
Clla Patter/on in the office 

Part of the choru/ zinging in 
the opener 

Amanda Crane 
Becky Enos 
Abbi Massey 
Meaghan O'Hearn 
Sheri Silvestro 
Alyssa Spada 
Amanda Spearman 
Rachel Sterner 
Mandi Thorton 

f •£ «»iiti E 


The Inductees 

SENIORS: Josephine Aiyeku, Felix 

Alfonso, Meaghan Arsenault, Matt 

Baddour, Eric Bajor, Hillary Butts, 

Brian Clancy, Maggie Conlon, Katie 

Cosgrove, Nick Fabrizio, Vanessa 

Gueli, Alicia Hardy, Brittany Kinlin, 

Caitlin Pandolph, Seema Patel, Sarah 

Reagan, Jacob Smith, Jonathan 

Sordillo, Yashmin Spelta, Rebecca 


JUNIORS: Julie Anderson, Abigail 

Archambault, Rabbia Ashraf, Kelsie 

Blouin, Kelsie Brien, Rachel Condon, 

John Erickson, McKaela Flannigan, 

Kelly Gearan, John Goddard, Erica 

Grasso, Jamil Halaby, Kim Marino, 

Christine Neel, Michael Norcia, 

Kathryn Oskar, Ben Pare, James Pehl, 

Eric Rodriguez, Andrew 

Stamatopoulos, Rachel Sterner, Tyler 

Sullivan, Kimberly Wentworth 

Kristine Wetmore 

I * 

9 A W 

$* i 


<iwV« « 



r j ' v 





~ r — - Ti 

, v jJH 1 



1 1 1 


1 >*_ 




National Honor Society 
Induction Geremory 

President Madison Aleksa 

Pare lights 
her candle 

TWihesv T® 


Homecoming Court (Left t-o Right): Madbon AlesKa & priai 
Clancy, Erifea Toribio & Sean Cairns, Queen Sarah Bergeron & 
King Angel paez, Melanie Polanco & 6cott "i im, Becca (Juselli 
& Matt EWHour 


A Night to Remember 

Colorful Clothes! 

il*r Q-idl 

Nice Glasses! 


JdFjgiF ^juttwjg B&y& 

snuti Cdbrgiyiiindl 

Sento/ts : Mickad Jkbekon, S£cm/ten JkHie, 
QActoftia uAspedd 8/tic ^afee/t, cAfeiC ^Bafceft, 
^Dayana ^ancfiet, 9iifey ^Butfg, <Dfc CaMafcan, 
Sean Clancy, Qkicm Clancy, 'iKate Cogg/ioue, 
^yCe ^DesSPau/ties, <jUicfiaeC Qiddinge, 
uUegfoan 9^aCey, ^aida 9^a/ib, ^Dai/icf 9io/tgman, 
Sawantlia 3mn, ^AAegfian 'cKefc, jUattfieu; SUau/son, 
^Dung SPe, uUattdeu; JWann, Sai/annah (jUa/tgfmCC, 
Stei/ca JUcJWfete/t, ^yan cAloonan, 
Samantfca JUoftton, u^ewnndeft ^Pa/igong, 
'^kjugten ^Pinciafc, cAfatdan ^Pinciafo, jUicdaeC ^afime, 
'zKmia ^ii/e/ta, ^acob Smith, ^Kimbe/iCy QAia^o, 

Special! Quest Gonductoft: \ > 


B/tfmi "Q" JMcgo^gfe 


The goal of JROTC is to 
motivate young people 
to become better 
citizens. Through this 
program, cadets learn 
discipline, leadersip 
skills, and most 
importantly, respect for 
themselves and others. 
Basic civil commands 
are leadership as well 
as basic military history. 
The Military Ball, 
pictured here, is 
JROTC's biggest event 
of the year. The Corps 
of Cadets is growing 
every year, as more 
students become 
interested in this 
| vigorous program. 

' V 

The 2008-2009 Yearbook Staff 

H Chief: Hillary Butts 

Kayla Abel, Sarah 
Croughwell, Kelsey Fox, 
Vanessa Gueli, Ray Guigni, 
Sam Iwen, Ashley 
Lambert, Christine Neel, 
Jake Peters, Jess Rizkallah, 
Kara Spooner, Leah 
Wunderlich, Christine 

Kristen Pinciak, Katelyn 
DiPietro, Rachel Winward, 
Jackie Flynn, Jessie Flynn 

3 Krista 
DiGloria, Seema Patel, 
Sarah Carney, Hillary 
Butts, Jacob Cohen, 
Elizabeth Demers, 
Abigael Massey, Elisa 
Rodriguez, Ironelis 
Rodriguez, Devin 


is the thief of 


-Edward Young 

From your Editor-in Chief: 

I want to give a 
thanks to my hard 
working staff and 
wish my fellow 
classmates of the 
Class of 2009 all the 
best in the future! 

■rtzllzrc, <3utts 



*WPu»utfMe fa ddctrfe 


Cate£Auu urn a uety wotm and eating pmw. wW had a mdaqUm 
tauqk. AKlkeagk dke wad cit£y wilk m a atatl lime al Wtefkueu Higk 
SckeeE, ode made many dlteug ami meauiugfcuE teEalieudkipd wiili 
dtadeutd and dta^ a£ike. Becaode 4 ket watm mi cempaddieuale 
Aememm dtudeuld wmU aMectieualeEy tefcet to ket m GtauaW. 
CatedAuu wad &au Keuiug aitd W uety dt>ioug fcamiEy tie*. Euety 
day a|tet dcke©£ ske weaEd go to ket aoiu keade and uuul fcet ket 
gtauddaagkletd fa amim kerne l*em jcM>. Cate£Auu enjoyed 
dpeudiug time wilk ket gtaudeki&toeu. Cate£Auu bd a kekuy ej 
ceEEecliug mud \kal eoe^Ccwed fa ike keaEtk eilfee al dckeeC. Ske 
weaEd btiug a uatiely ©| cewd iute ike keaftk eilice in atdet fa 
ceEekale ike appteptiale kefiiday. Cate£Auu tea£Ey enjoyed 
ceCektatiug koEidayd aid woaEd oEwayd come fa wetk dmwd Jet ike 
eccadteu. CateEAuu came fa Hlefkuew Higk SckeeE id Septemfcet 2007 
utttk mam) yeatd 4 wowing expedience. SkeUada dlteug wetk eikic 
and wad uety pteieddieuaE in cattyiug eat ket dalied eu a daify 
kadid. Ske uu££ 6e dadEy midded and tememfceted fcy ike dtudeuld and 
dia^( wke wete tetlauate le knew ket. By VMda Cmuemi. 

Retited Setgeaul Wajet Wtatk F. Fidket padded away wuexpecfedEy eu 
Awgudl 16, 2008 al kid kerne. He euletcd ike United Stated Atmy in 
1972 awlum a memuet 4 ike eEite lOtk SpeciaE Fetced Gteap. He 
pteudEy wete ike Gteeu Betel (at modi ej kid twenty tktee yeat 
miEilaty cateet. Afetet kid telitemeul fctem aciiue doty, SGHt Fidket 
Itemed to iuiliale ike JROTC ptegtam al Wteikoen Higk SckeeE, wkete 
ke wad an iulegtaE patl efc ike dtodewid ttaiuiug. 
SG(K Fidket iaogkt ike cadeid to tedpect one amlh&i and fa fake 
ted|»cHdioi£iiied fcot ikebi aciiood. He Ped ty example and keCped many 
cadeid I'md a ptide in fkemdeCued timl kad keen midding. He tetod to 
tkode diodentd wko ofcten \M fcetween ike ctackd aud wad doccedd(o£ in 
teackuig maoy o| ikem m a poditive way. "Dtop and give me tuienty" 
wad a pktade (teqoeutCy Vmd in ike ?A atea ad cadeid ckewed gum 
o* wete Yankee geat ox dpefee ool o^ twin. We dka££ a£fi midd hamq 
We. tike it, we Coue it, we waul mote 4 H, mote ?T, Setgeaul fttajot, 
WtotePT! By fatvtd lUclitakm. 


1&J uealSso^ fo. 


Some pwpk come into yeot Eifa feet a SEASOK, fcecaade yaat 
twin (tad came to abate, gtoai at (!eatn. T(tey dtuig you ok 
expmmce. oJ peace at wtafee yea Eaagk. Tltey may ieack yea 
ftGMteikutg yea (taue neuet done. Tkey adaa£Ey giue yaa an 
aate£ieaatCe awtcaat a| jau. Be£ieue it, it to iea£ yet auEy Jet a 
fteaaoa. PeapCe came into yaat Cifa fcat a teadoa, a oeaoaK at a 
Retime. WUm yaa (moat wluck cue it to, yea utiCC (waai okai to 
aV fcot tkal petflaa. U/(ten &omeawe to in yaat Ci^e fcat a 
REASOW, ii to adoaCEy to meet a need yon (taue exptedfted. Tkey 
(taue come to adfttot yea tktaagk a di^icaEty, to pwvifa yea wiik 
gaidance md auppatt, to aid yaa p(ujaica££y, emoitoaaECy at 
tyititaaEEy. Tkey may deem Ufa a Gaddead and tkey ate. T(tey 
ate tkete fcat tfce teaaan yea iteed tkem to be. Tken, adtkeat any 
uttang doing w yaat pati at at an immvmi&d lime, tkto pewon 
wiEE day at aV dometking to king t(te te£atiattd(ti|) to an ead. 
Sometime* tkey &ay goodbye and dometimed tkey dk. W\wl iue 
moat teaEize to tkat oat need (tad been met, oat deaite MiEEed, 
tkeit uiatk to done. AiUlim Unknown. 
Jakn Webb wad a goad fctiend and a goad teacket. He wm 
oEatoyft tke one to aay (teEEa fciwt in ike kaEEaiayd. He dedicated 
an immeadotau£e amaoHt c| time deueEoping One SPED Science 
catticuEam and finding utay» to Mp atadento Eeatn ike matetia£. 
Jakn ueutated oat and atatked wiik fttadeato wiik maEtipEe 
ditabiiiim w Wetkaen'd Exleaded Yeat Ptagtam auet fke patt 
feew ftommetd. It um aEatay* evident ikal (te enjoyed teackiag? de 
took a ftiacete inletedl in euety fttadeitt (te watked wilk. He to 
vmbed bu M. By Wltviy Cdewaa-Kemedy, Gaty Vimm aid 
Kevin Gemy. 

'Most of us serve our ideals by fits and 
starts. The person who makes a success 
of living is the one who sees his goal 
steadily and aims for it unswervingly. 
That is dedication." 
-Cecil B. de Mille 

A W&uL ©{ Tfuwfo iuu Wiu. Htutowt... 

It is so hard to believe- Another year of an enormous amount of work has gone by. A big thank you to all 
the members of our administration, faculty, staff and student body that in one way or another helped make 
our path smoother. 

Karen Hallbauer and Mr. Nick, thank you for continuously supporting and cheering us on. Thanks to our 
teachers for being so cooperative with the yearbook staff. Julie 6hopas,T3ill Silver, and Joe Santy for 
always being ready to give us technical assistance. Laurel McMahon, Glen Gearin, Nick (Bollopy, Jeff 
T3ellistri, Larry Lambert, LaurelT3akker, Maureen Melanson for their various organizations write ups. 
Karen Fitzgerald and Emily Masterson and all their wonderful students who provided us with candid 
pictures. T3H1 James, Jenny Kravitz, James Sheehan, Jeff Osgood, Fran Molesso, Jason Smith, Peter 
Kitsos and students Steve Fitzsimmons, Allison RLoss, Caitlin Pandoplh, Abbi Massey and Lindsay Pare 
for assisting with our sport pages. Ah yes, the girls ~ Anita DiCroce, Joy Santoro, Ellie Sicard, Louise 
Troia and our newest addition Sandy Gilbert ~ Louise retired earlier on in the school year and Sandy 
picked up right where Louise left off! We are really blessed to get the kind of help we receive from these 
wonderful ladies. 

Our parent volunteer, R^obin Gordon, and her son Matt Gordon ~ for the last four years this pair have 
worked behind the scenes with many things most especially with getting local businesses to support us. 
Matt is graduating this year, and we will miss him and his mom. All the best with the future R^obin and 
Matt! Our local businesses that saw it fit to advertise with us despite the tough economic situation ~ 
thanks for your contribution! 

On behalf of the Methuen High School family, 1 would like to extend my gratitude to our 2008-2009 
retirees ~ Louise Troia, GaryT3anks and DeanT3rouder. Didn't thirty-five years go by in a flash? Thank 
you for your time and hard work you put in over the years for your countless students and colleagues. W 
will truly miss you all. We wish nothing but the best for you in your retirement 

I cannot say enough about my wonderful, hard working, patient staff and interns ~ Hillary T3utts, my able 
editor-in-chief with whom 1 have worked for four years. I remember when this little girl walked into my 
very first yearbook meeting (she was the first there), not shy at all and with a smile on her face, she said, 
Hi, I would like to join the yearbook staff. Right there and then I ask her to be my freshman editor and 
she said fine! From that moment I knew we would be a team, because like me, she did not bother to ask 
what we were getting into- I have watched her grow from a little girl into a young woman. This year, she 
demonstrated the ability of true leadership. She was able to delegate jobs and made staff and interns feel 
important enough to complete their work without having to push them. With the support of her parents, 
RLalph and ehrystineT3utts, Hillary became an asset and helped me keep all thirty of my staff members 
and interns this year! A big thanks to this wonderful staff that kept this ball rolling ~ great job! 
(Congratulations to our yearbook seniors - Hillary T3utts, Kristen Pinciak, Katelyn Dipietro, Krista 
DiGloria, Abigael Massey, Elizabeth Demers, Seema Patel, Sarah Carney, Elisa RLodriguez and Ironelis 
Rodriguez. It was great working with all of you, and I wish you all the best 
Congratulation class of 2009 - I wish you all a bright future! 

Johnetta Hudson ~ Yearbook advisor 

Stepfiante JOenfo 

We are so proud of you and all your accomplishments! 

Ever since you were a little girl you have had big dreams and 

goals and always worked hard until you reached them. 

Continue to dream big and "shoot for the stars". 

You are such a blessing and have always brought such joy and 
laughter to our lives. Always remember how much we love you! 

Matt Gordon 


You set high goals for 

yourself and achieved 


Work hard, 
play hard, 
and most of all- 
Enjoy Life! 
Luv ya, 
Mom, Dad and Tim 





The day she was born 
was the happiest day in 
her parents' lives. "She's 
perfect," said her mother. 
"Absolutely," said her 
father. And she was. She 
was absolutely perfect. 
—Kevin Henkes - 
You've made us so proud, 
Linds! Great things are out 
there awaiting you. 
Dream, reach, BELIEVE, 
Mom, Dad, Ben and Seth 


It has been a joy to watch you grow and explore the 
world around you. What a truly amazing young lady 
you have become. We are extremely proud of you 
and all you have accomplished. Time to Soar! 


Mom and Dad 

Kristine Lindsay 

From kindergarten 
through high school , 
you two have made 
so many memories 
and had so many 
laughs. As you 
continue and 
experience new 
adventures always 
remember your 
parents are so proud 
of you both! 
Love from both of 
your families. Good 
luck in college and 
enjoy every minute of 

You have brains in your head. 
You have feet in your shoes. 
You can steer yourself in any 
direction you choose. 
You're on your own. 
And you know what you know. 
You are the guy who'll decide 
where to go. 
I Dr. Seuss 

Congratulations Joe! 


Mom, Dad, Heather, Sam + 


Megan Monroe 

We're so proud of you. 
Never stop following your 
dreams and reaching for 
those stars. Good luck in 

We love you lots, 
Mom, Dad and Sammy 


We are very proud of all that you have done, the woman 

you've become and how true to yourself you remain. 

Congratulations! We wish you success in everything you do. 

The world is waiting for you, but remember.. .there's no place 

like home. Love, Mom + Dad 

Meaghan O'Hearn 

Meaghan Congratulations! I'm so proud of you. 
This is the start of a new life filled with new 
memories and goals. The best is still to come! 


I am so proud of you and the strong independent 
young lady that you've become. The future will be full 
of adventure and challenges and I will be there to 
love and support you in your decisions every step of 
the way. 

Love, Mom 

Dwayne Smith 


You are a blessing to your father and me. We love you; 
You are our shining star. You fill our lives with 
happiness and love. We are proud of you and we wish 
you a future of success, good health, and God's 

Love, Mom and Dad 


Thank you Lauren Licciardi for having made us the great group of best friends we are today. We hope 

you are proud of who we have grown up to be and also of the journey we will continue after graduating 

MHS. Love and miss you always. Viva Forever Law, Best Friends Forever - KELMAMEA 

Josh - You've been our "gift". Now, be a gift to the world around you. You're ready. 

Love You Forever, 


I am so proud of 

you! You are a 

strong, smart, 

handsome, and 

devoted young man. 

I know you will 


everything you put 

your heart into. You 

are loved very much 

and I will always be 

there for you. I am 

very proud to have 

you as my son. 

Love You, 

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Arizona Senator John McCain wins 
the Republican nomination for president 
and names Alaska Governor Sarah 
Palin as his running mate. Palin is the 
Republican Party's first female nominee 
for vice president. 

WWW M«* 

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«. < * v.:' 



J Barack Obama makes his 
as the first African-Americ 
win the presidency of the 
States. The former Illinois 
promises an era of Chang 
captures the imagination 


an to 






voters nationwide. 

Electoral Votes 



Obama 365 
McCain 113 









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Obama wug 

fr^^^- ^ 


AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais „»_ ^ 

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RlUSTIN LANEfepa/Corbis 





^^ With buying power declining in the consumer 
marketplace, companies nationwide are forced 
to lay off workers. The national unemployment 
rate hits 7.2 percent in December and is rising 
steadily. The hardest hit states are Michigan, 
Rhode Island, California and S&uth Carolina. 

ft i fa*Jt{' ""^irtHrt f^> 

Brad Pitt launches the 
"Make It Right" project to 
build 150 green-sensitive 
new homes in the New 
Orleans Lower 9th Ward, 
which was destroyed by 
Hurricane Katrina. Pitt 
contributes $5 million to 
the project. 



Beiiing 2008 Summer Olympics 
1 some of the most amazing 

p^ormances in Olympic h-story 

The Philadelphia Phillies win their second World Series with a five 
game victory over the Tampa Bay Rays. The fifth game takes three 
days to complete after a rain delay. 

The Chinese gymnasts take the team 
title, but Americans Shawn Johnson 
(floor exercise) and Nastia Liukin 
(all-around) take individual gold 
medals for the U.S. 

7£ M;* 


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